Bark’n Up the Green Tree


2015-11-26 BarkGreenTree_Biscuits

For the environment-conscious and health-conscious pet parents out there, we have a real treat for you!
At Winter Woofstock this past weekend, we discovered a local company (from Napanee, Ontario) doing some fabulous things!  They are called Bark’n Up The Green Tree.  Their product lines include dog treats, dog collars and pet clothing (neckties and shirt collars).

What’s so special?  Get this, their products divert A TON of waste from landfills.

Bark n Up the Green TreeTo bake their dog biscuits, Bark’n Up the Green Tree uses “inglorious” fruits and vegetables from local farms.  Millions of dollars of food is wasted each year when inglorious (ugly) produce are discarded because they are unfit for sale (based on their weird shapes). Side note, check out what one French supermarket is doing with inglorious fruits and vegetables to combat food waste: article here.  The biscuits are also vegan, gluten-free and nut-free! How awesome is that?!  We snatched up 8 of their 10 flavours!

To make their shirt collars, neckties and dog collars, they re-p2015-11-26 BarkGreenTree_Necktieurpose men’s shirts and ties.  We found some adorable patterns and brought in a bunch for you!

We are so in love with what this company is doing.  Learn more about them at

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