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Nagayu Cosmopawlitan

Cosmopawlitan is excited to announce that we will now be offering the Nagayu CO2 Skin Therapy Treatment.  This spa treatment, originating from Japan to help humans, is now available in Canada to help dogs with a range of skin and coat issues.  It has shown impressive results.

As groomers who work closely with dogs, we’ve seen many clients suffering from hot spots, dandruffy skin, yeasty skin, yeasty ears, crusty eyes, bald spots and warts.

After seeing astoundingly positive results from our groomer colleagues across the country, we decided to try it out for ourselves.

This service will be available as an add-on to your pet’s grooming session.  Can’t wait to share the service and results with you!

5 Ways to Enjoy the Spring Rain

1. Rain Gear for You and Your Pet Dogs need to go out for walks.  How can you and your dog can enjoy your walks in the spring rain without getting soaked?  Get some rain wear that is both functional and stylish.  We’ve got you covered at Cosmopawlitan!   2. Keeping Your Pet’s Fur Short… Read More

San Camillus

The charismatic, confident and curious San Camillus came to Cosmopawlitan for his first grooming.  He looks like a wild cat but is, in fact, an Ocicat.  They are just like dogs!   Read More

Take Your Coat Off Dawg

We come home, we take our coats off, take our shoes off, change our clothes and we feel 10 times better.  What about our pets? Pets can’t remove their coats.  How can we help them feel better? If your pet goes outside and the environment is not the cleanest, e.g. near a busy road or construction… Read More

Smelly Cat

  Cats sometimes need a little help in the grooming department.  As they age or gain weight (a common thing with indoor cats), they can develop flexibility issues and can’t clean their back ends properly. Cats like to be clean so this doesn’t feel good for them nor does it smell too great.  They have a keen sense… Read More