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5 Ways to Enjoy the Spring Rain

Raining Cats and Dogs1. Rain Gear for You and Your Pet

Dogs need to go out for walks.  How can you and your dog can enjoy your walks in the spring rain without getting soaked?  Get some rain wear that is both functional and stylish.  We’ve got you covered at Cosmopawlitan!


2. Keeping Your Pet’s Fur Short

ScissorsLess fur on your pet means less dirt absorbed and brought into your home to adorn your walls, floors, furniture and you!  As the weather warms up, it’s a good time book your pet in with the groomer for a trim or haircut.  Shorter fur = easier maintenance and less mess especially during the mucky sprain weather!


3. Keeping Up with Your Pet’s Hygiene

Mud PuddleOne of the joys of having a dog is to be able to play care-free together.  Let your dog chase that ball and retrieve that stick, even if it means running through mud puddles. Don’t deprive them.  Have a towel ready at the door to wipe them down before they track mud and dirt all over your home.  Wipes are handy to quickly rub down durty feet and bums.  Dog GroomingFor harder core jobs, make sure you’ve got some dog-specific shampoo, conditioner, spritzes and brushes at home in case you need to give your dog a bath after those extra dirty (and fun) play sessions.  If this is too daunting, you can always take your dog to the groomers.


Dog Blanket

4. Protect Your Car and Furniture

Oh that wet dog smell of spring that we haven’t had to endure since last year… Dogs just love nature.  What’s better than spending a spring afternoon with your dog at the beach or at a ravine.  But how can you spare your car that wet dog smell and stains?

WaterWoof PadPlan ahead and bring along absorbant pads, blankets, towels or car seat covers.  A blanket or towel are especially handy because of the dual purpose of drying off your dog and also wrapping them up to keep them warm for the ride home.

We suggest these beautiful, soft and snuggly blankets: (available at Cosmopawlitan):

Dog Blankets

5. Extra Poop Bags

Spring rain means everything that was frozen under the snow gets exposed.  We are bound to come across thawed out dog poop and other icky things in spring time.  Be a good neighbour and pick up any refuse you come across so your dog and the next person who comes along does not step on it. Extra poop bags come in handy for this!  If everyone picked up one piece of trash on each walk, the community will be a much cleaner and nicer place.  Let’s each do our part.


After 6 months of hibernation, it’s wonderful to have warmer temperatures.  The spring showers bring blossoming flowers and trees and green grass again.  Get out with your pet and enjoy it fully, rain or shine.  Happy Spring!


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