Rick’s Send-Off

Mr. Smiley, Mr.Cosmopawlitan Clean, Mr. Fix-it.  These are a few nicknames we’ve dubbed our store manager with.

Rick’s smiley raindrops

If you’ve visited Cosmopawlitan over the past year, you’ve likely met Rick in the store greeting you with a warm smile.  He’d usually be up on a ladder changing light bulbs, vacuuming the floors, putting something together or chatting up a storm with someone.

Rick came out of retirement to help manage the store.  He shares his business wisdom and life wisdom both with our team and with our customers, who we consider as neighbours and friends.

He is always brightening up the store.  Rick literally finds the darkest spots in the shop and brings light to them by rearranging light fixtures and changing dead bulbs.  Same goes with people; Rick always knows what to say to lighten the mood when a customer or team member is having a down day.  Every day with him is filled with jokes and stories.

Rick is a rock, a hero, an inspiration.

CosmopawlitanSome of you may know that he was diagnosed with cancer last fall (for the second time).   He beat it the first time and will beat it again.

He continued working at the store throughout most of his chemotherapy and radiation treatment, which ended right before Christmas 2016.  You wouldn’t be able to tell that he was sick because he always had a smile on his face.

Rick will be going in for surgery at the end of March and, fingers crossed, his body will cancer-free for good.

We send healing light and love to our beloved Rick as he recovers.


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