Cosmopawlitan - cat grooming I’m Hoann,

Entrepreneur, wanderluster, live-aboard boater, tree-hugger, sensitive soul dedicated to making life better for animals.

Born and raised in Toronto, I have a passion for animals and natural beauty.  I’m proud to have created Cosmopawlitan, a business that promotes a compassionate approach towards this planet and its creatures.

Through our pet grooming services, pet care products and other offerings, we help people like you ensure the well-being of your pet so you can enjoy a happy life together.

Since I was a kid, I’ve been obsessively curious about animals and the human-animal bond.

It started with me wanting to know everything about dogs – their breeds, behaviours and how to care for them so they could be happy family members.

This curiosity spread to other animals and fields, e.g. wildlife rehabilitation, veterinary care, zoology, holistic grooming, energy healing, traditional chinese medicine and took me through phases of animal rights advocacy and vegetarianism.

In 2008, I went to grooming school, quit my government job and opened Cosmopawlitan on Toronto’s waterfront.

Cosmopawlitan promotes compassion for animals, for the planet, and for each other.  The company operates as a pet grooming salon and specialty retail store, taking a kind and holistic approach.

We are gentle and respectful with the animals we groom and even have a scruff-free, restraint-free policy for cat grooming.  We source sustainable, ethical, and humane merchandise.  You won’t find rawhides, mass-produced foods, or  shock / prong collars in our shop.  You will find healthy, safe, sustainable products and friendly helpful advice.

Your pets are precious.  Their comfort and well-being are our top priority.  We promise to take good care of them.

Looking forwarad to your visit!